Shahin Osanloo Economic and financial consultant in the field of construction industry, Post DBA graduate (in business management), Master of Law, Designer of integrated software calculations for real estate and construction projects


Shariati, above the two roads of Gholhak, not far from Yakhchal Street, in front of Gholhak Shopping Center, No. 147, Doctors Building, 1986, second floor, Unit 11 of Dadgar Secure Transaction Law Firm (Mad) - the first legal authority in the construction industry (consulting, arbitration, advocacy )

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About Myco Company

Myco Company has been operating in Iran since 2011, with more than 200 personnel having the highest percentage of growth in the country’s transportation industry, as well as the first and most prominent brand in the transportation industry for two consecutive years. We are trying to move closer to international standards by changing organizational strategies, staffing angles and focusing on centralized management.


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Ali Amini Managing Director
Ali Amini Managing Director
Ali Amini Managing Director
Ali Amini Managing Director
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  • Shariati, above Gholhak crossroads, not far from Yakhchal street, facing Gholhak shopping center, No. 1437, Doctors Building 1986, second floor, Unit 11

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